The People behind

Christina Svanstrøm

Christina is originally from Hinnøya, lives and studies in Tromsø, but has over the years become more and more attached to Vestvågøy in Lofoten. She has been on several biking, climbing, hiking and fishing adventures in Lofoten, and her love for the area grows stronger and stronger. Christina is our always positive and caring motivator. Her burning commitment and love for the environment makes her the perfect captain for Lofoten Rangers.

Merete Nyheim

Merete has been a happy tourist in Lofoten several times, and is always longing back to Northern Norway from Gjøvik where she is currently living. Merete is originally from Harstad, and she will always be a northerner by heart. Merete is our dedicated designer and thanks to her we have our amazing logo and a web page to be proud of.

Ylva Asker

Ylva moved to Lofoten from Sweden a few years ago, and has not looked back. She has rather looked up. She has been on more mountains in Lofoten than most, and you can often find her places you did not think was possible. She is engaged in the local Norwegian Trekking Association and has a great love for nature. It is a pleasure having Ylva on our team with her local knowledge and her joyful being.

Julie Rydningen Engeseth

Julie comes from and lives in Tromsø, but has spent several summer vacations in Lofoten where parts of her family is from. She has years of experience working with organization which is priceless for us


If you want to know more about this prosject, please read the story of Lofoten Rangers.

Our goal

Lofoten Rangers wishes to increase the awareness around the rules of camping and the right to roam in nature.

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